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What is a URL Shortner?

A URL shortener like Clourls (Cloud URLS) is used to take a very long website link such as and convert it to something that is far easier to manage and send such as You can use Clourls for home, work, school or fun. It's a great way to cloak a URL or make management of long URL's far easier.

Why do I need a URL shortener?

Lets say you would like to hide the website you are sending someone, you could create a Clourls link to 'cloak' the source URL; exposing only the site. You may also use a short URL to tell someone a link to a site that is far too long to mention.

How do I use Clourls URL shortener?

Simply type or paste a long URL into the box and click 'Shorten!' That's it! Even a child could do this!

What people are saying...

Margaret E.

"Clourls is fantastic! Thanks so much guys!"

Fred S.

"Clourls is amazing. I've been using it to create lots of super nice links."

Sarah W.

"Thanks so much for making Clourls available to us!"